Our Skills


Fifteen years’ experience in the measurement of volatile compounds (first with the PTR-MS and then with the GC) especially in food matrices. Expert in “breath” analysis and “nose-space”. Experience in data analysis and correlations between instrumental and sensory information.

Scientific and technological expertise ranges from spectroscopic techniques and mass spectrometry to chemometrics and data mining. In more recent years, involved in the application of Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) to various issues such as food science and technology, analysis of breath and air quality control.

Many years of experience in the analysis of volatile compounds, in the development of data analysis techniques and their application software  applied in agriculture, food and the environment.


Experience in development and application of descriptive sensory methods. Many years of experience as panel leader using both classic descriptive or rapid and dynamic sensory methods. Many years of teaching experience in the field of sensory analysis for academic, professional and informative courses.

Sensory and consumer data analysis and their relationship. Expert on consumer test and questionnaires. Many years of experience as a teaching assistant of sensory laboratories in university courses  and as a lecturer and statistical data analysis of summer school and professional courses.

Characterisation of food products through a sensory and instrumental combined approach. Contributed to the development and application of sensory techniques. Many years of teaching experience of sensory issues as a lecturer in university courses, master and other specialized courses.