3SLAB – Sensory, Instrumental and Statistics


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3SLAB – Sensory, Instrumental and Statistics

3Slab supports industries with customized services for the control of production processes, product innovation and business growth.
Lab Analysis

About Us


3Slab members have many years of experience in the field of sensory science, food technology and analysis of volatile compounds. They all have experience as lecturer on theoretical and laboratory courses at various levels. All members are working in the Sensory Quality group of the Research and Innovation Centre (CRI) of the Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM).

3Slab is active partner of UNI – Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione – Italian National Unification The UNI is recognized by the Italian State and by the European Union, and represents Italian legislative activity at the International Standards Organization (ISO) and European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

Our Services


3Slab offers support on regulatory aspects, in addition to laboratory analysis and the production of the material needed for the notification of your products, and finally to the submission of the notification at the portal set up by the European Commission.

Sensory Analysis

3Lab offers analyzes conducted with methods by trained sensory panel, These analyzes are conducted within sensory workshops designed in compliance with the ISO 8589 standard (Sensory analysis – General guidance for the design of test rooms).

Instrumental Analysis

3Slab uses advanced technologies for the measurement of volatile compounds including mass spectrometry based on the ionization of the proton transfer (PTRMS) to study the characterization of products and processes dynamically and in real time, gas chromatography ( GC) which is the reference method will be used in support or in synergy with the PTRMS to provide a broader and more robust analytical support.

Software & Statistics

3Slab offers its customers a unique and comprehensive service that integrates sensory and instrumental measurements: statistical analysis and data mining including the ability to implement appropriate software to the needs of potential customers; the construction of statistical models of prediction, based on modern machine learning techniques.

Training Courses

3Slab organizes high-level training and updating courses in the field of sensory analysis, analytical chemistry, statistics, and nutrition education, with a run of programs adapted to the training needs of the applicant whether it consists of professionals or students, adults or children.

Contact Us

Via dei Zeni, 30 38010 Cavedago
+39 320 1583924